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Dear Educator,

Welcome to the “Teachers” department of ACTNew Books! The goal of this area is to provide teachers, parents, and other interested people with resources and activities to accompany our books.

 THE COUSIN ADVENTURES series provides not only entertainment but also information on a wide range of topics. By creating discussions, activities, and vocabulary lists to use with these books, I have attempted to facilitate your incorporation of the books into your teaching of many different subjects including history, geography, reading comprehension, and health-safety.

 The resources include vocabulary terms and one or more activities and/or discussion topics for each chapter. They are non-grade specific and you can use them as written or modify them to suit your student’s or class’s abilities and needs. You can also use these activities and discussions to jumpstart your creativity and develop your own ideas. However you choose to use the resources, they will enrich your students’ learning experience with that particular book.

 If you would like a copy of Teaching Resources for the books you purchase, please e-mail These resources, along with Accelerated Reader tests, accompany all classroom sets that range in quantities of 1-15+ books.

E-mail for more information.