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Already a Traveler

Afton's first vacation at three months old in North Carolina's Smokey Mountains.

Afton's First "Pony"

Afton on "Bronco" at 18 months.

A Little Cowgirl

Afton on her first pony Nickelodeon better known as "Nicky", at 2 years.

My Dog Bitsy

Afton and her dog Bitsy at 4 years.

Afton and her Hero

Afton with a statue of Annie Oakley during a vacation out West at 4 1/2.

Ready for School

Afton's first day of Kindergarten

A History Enthusiast

Sightseeing at Mesa Verde Colorado at 6 years old.

The Start of a Show Career

Afton and DDS Amber Britches at a show during Afton's first year of showing on the POA circuit.

A Team in the Making

Afton and HH Cherokee Taboo at their first show together in August 1991.

A Big Move

Afton's first day of Middle School at 10 years old.

On the Freedom Trail

Afton in Boston in Summer 1997.

The Great Escape

Afton at the Great Escape in Lake George, NY. Summer 1997.

Historic Upstate New York

Afton in front of a historical marker in Lake George, NY. Summer 1997.

A Pilgrim

Afton on the Mayflower in Plymouth, MA. Summer 1997.

Ancestoral Landing Spot

Afton in Summer of 1997 in Plymouth, MA standing near the sign for Plymouth Rock, which her ancestors probably saw when they came to America on the Mayflower.

A Trip to the Beach

Afton at Lake Michigan, July 1998.

Graduation Day

Afton's High School graduation. June 5, 1999.

On the Stage

Afton singing at the Wine and Harvest Festival, September 2000.

Another Talent

Afton accepting her award for singing at the 4H Talent Show at the Van Buren Youth Fair in Summer 2000.

A Big Win

Afton with a POA National Award at the POAC National Year End Awards Banquet in Orlando, FL, 1999.

Enjoying the Ride

Afton riding her POA, Pal Fausteana.